Canine Soft Tissue Tumor Synoptic Report

This report generator should be used with caution by the pathologist - always verify information produced by this tool.


Additional questions may be revealed by the answers to other questions (i.e., tumor margins are not asked unless tumor is listed as "not present" at margins).

See the Soft Tissue Tumor Protocol for additional considerations.

NOTE: This only generates a synoptic report. This may not represent a full pathology report.

The largest dimension of the tumor measured at the time of trimming (post fixation)


See the Margin Evaluation Guideline for more information.

Lymphovascular Invasion

See the Lymphovascular Invasion Guideline for more information.

Mitotic Count

See the Mitotic Count Guideline for more information.


See also Soft Tissue Tumor Protocol for more information on differentiation.


While this is not part of the grading criteria, consider the information in the Tumor Necrosis Guideline when evaluating necrosis.

Optional Information