References of Interest

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These references have been curated by the VCGP group as being of particular interest and relevance to veterinary oncology and its standardization. These are separated into various categories. To suggest additional references, please send recommendations to any member of the VCGP board.


36735507 Clinical pathologists should limit modifier terms used to denote probability of a diagnosis: a survey-based study. Rishniw M, Freeman KP J Am Vet Med Assoc 2023 Feb 2
Reason for interest: This examined uncertainty as understood by clinical pathologists vs. as understood by clinicians. This highlights the need for standardization across groups to ensure information is conveyed accurately.
34282984 International Guidelines for Veterinary Tumor Pathology: A Call to Action. Meuten DJ, Moore FM, Donovan TA, Bertram CA, Klopfleisch R, Foster RA, et al. Vet Pathol 2021 Sep
Reason for interest: This is the paper establishing the foundations for the VCGP.
34272982 Modifying phrases in surgical pathology reports: introduction of Standardized Scheme of Reporting Certainty in Pathology Reports (SSRC-Path). Amin A, DeLellis RA, Fava JL Virchows Arch 2021 Nov
Reason for interest: This study found significant differences in opinions of pathologists and non-pathologists in the meanings of various phrases used to express uncertainty; in addition, there were differences between different groups of clinicians on the meaning of several words. They suggest standardizing language to express uncertainty to improve communications between pathologists and clinicians.


Reason for interest: The Intelligent knife effectively distinguished cancer from noncancer tissue intraoperatively when compared to histology.